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A new condominium proudly developed by CEL Developments, Heetons Holdings and KSH Holdings. Coming soon.

Launched for sale on 30 May under the confirmed list of the first half 2017 Government Land Sales programme, Park Colonial at 1 Woodleigh Lane is one of upcoming projects in Singapore for 2018. This development will also add an unique look to the new estate of Bidadari Singapore and has the potential to ride on the rejuvenation of the neighbourhood.

Park Colonial is located just next to Woodleigh MRT station and is jointly developed by CEL Unique Development, which is 60 per cent owned by Chip Eng Seng Corp, and 40 per cent by Unique Real Estate. Unique Real Estate is a joint venture of Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings units.

The land parcel is located opposite to the Upper Serangoon Road land site next to Woodleigh MRT station. A tender for a mixed-use development closed in June at $1,181 psf. The estimated number of residential units for the site is 735.

Another exciting ingredient is the development prospects of the former cemetery site at Bidadari Estate, spearheaded by close to 11,000 new public housing units and a potential new “Junction 8” on the Upper Serangoon Road site.

Park Colonial, at Woodleigh Lane, is located adjacent to Bidadari Singapore New Town, besides Woodleigh MRT station, and is also close to NEX shopping mall and various schools including St Andrew’s Secondary School, Maris Stella High School and Stamford American International School. Other upcoming projects in Singapore before Park Colonial is Woodleigh Residences on the other side of Upper Serangoon Road.

As the location of this site is supported by existing amenities and located right on a transport node, and this site also bodes well for the unfolding of the Bidadari growth story as an upcoming private and public residential address. This is exciting news for future dwellers in this precinct.

You would further understand this development, when you do visit park colonial location and show gallery or park colonial site plan and floor plans so that you can thoroughly experience the massive potential you may gain in the near future.

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Major Approaches to Figure out the Best Diet Pills

We can scarcely point out which one of many diet pills in the market is secure and gives the result we desire. It’s true that not all diet pills are impressive. Keeping this in mind, it is, therefore, essential for you to check the effectiveness and reliability of a diet supplement before buying it.

You can truly find effective and safe diet pills in the marketplace like from this site. You can prove this as you see a friend or some relatives who definitely shed off some pounds very quickly. Well, if this is what you strive for, then we will make it attainable for you to do so. Firstly, you must know about several things to think about so you’ll have the safest and most effective pills.

The following are some aspects that may help you get the best diet pills that are available at this site.

The formulation – One of the most crucial things you have to know about the diet pills is its ingredients. Yes, the substances contained by a certain diet supplement speak on how effective and safe it is to use. As much as possible, carefully check if it doesn’t contain any chemicals as it might lead into more severe issues. That’s why, it would be safer to read the labels so you will know if it is the diet pill you need.

The duration of its presence – One more thing you must also check out is the length of time diet pills have already been out in the market. You may be wondering why. Diet pills that have been in the market for a very long time are seen efficient because individuals believe in them. Certainly, they won’t stay long if they are not efficient, right? Diet pills that still exist many years since its launch are the best option.

The customer testimonials   Make use of online reviews so you can be certain you are making the right decision. Listen to what they say about the diet pills that they have tried out. Through this, you can find true testimonials and see if a certain dietary supplement is good for you.

These are just a few of the things you need to take into account for you to find out the most reliable and effective diet pill. Ideally, this article has helped you find the most effective diet supplement that will help you loss some pounds right away.

Case Study: My Experience With Doctors

Everything You Need To Know About Back Surgery

What is back surgery?

The back surgery procedure is an invasive pain management surgery procedure that will be performed by a well trained surgeon. The surgeon uses medical instruments to make an incision and repair spinal tissues that are damaged. If back pain is cannot be treated with the use of non invasive procedures then back surgery procedure will done. People that have chronic back pain, or experiencing lower back pains without having pain in the legs are really good candidates for back surgery. Before you agree to a back surgery, it is best if you ask for a second opinion from a professional spine specialist. Patients will make a decision to conduct any surgery to his or her body with the guidance of a doctor.

It was mentioned above, that before doctors recommend back surgery procedures, they will provide options that are non invasive and can treat back pain. Most doctors will provide prescriptions to relieve back pain before recommending surgery. Chiropractic treatment, massage and acupuncture are examples of non invasive procedures that can be performed to relieve back pain. The type of surgical procedure that will be done depends on the problem of the person. Some of the back surgery procedures involve in fusion of the part of the spine and removal of the disk on the spine. Plates, screws and rods are some of the equipment that they use in the surgical procedure. Traditional back surgery procedure is done by doing really deep incisions. This procedure is really invasive and it has a risky general anesthesia. Statistic show that the effectiveness of this procedure is only 70%.

Nowadays, there are actually laser back surgery procedures that are used to cure different kinds of spinal conditions. Laser back surgery is becoming very popular nowadays, because it is non invasive and does not leave any kinds of mark. Laser back surgery is much more better than traditional back pain procedures. The recovery time is more impressive and faster than traditional back surgery procedure. Laser back surgery procedure is safe since it only requires local anesthesia. Patients that undergo laser surgery, can go home the same day the surgery was performed. Laser back surgery can be done to treat bulging discs, lumbar disc problems, stenosis and herniated discs. However, you must consider the risk, since every kind of procedure has its own risk. Here are some of the risks of surgery are bleeding, bad reaction to the given anesthesia or infection.

If you will undergo surgery then when it is done you should really focus on recovering and learn how to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting Research on Professionals – What You Didn’t Know

Everything You Must Know About Anesthesiologists

Health care is a kind of field that always require to fill in jobs in different areas. And anesthesiology is among the important areas in this field. The salary of such healthcare professional even those at entry level is pretty impressive but this isn’t a profession that anyone can just take.

Basically, an anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who is giving patients drugs or anesthesia to prepare them for surgery. These drugs are designed specifically to prevent patients to feel pain. During the surgery, it is the job of the anesthesiologist to keep track of the vital signs of patients and adjust the dosage of drugs accordingly. This professional will also monitor patients even after the surgery and it’s he/she who’ll determine when the patient can leave the recovery room.

In becoming an anesthesiologist, it will require big amount of training and thorough education as well. It is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue careers in this area to be knowledgeable and have affinity for chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. It is recommended to read anesthesiology news at the same time to stay up to date in this field.

As for any aspiring anesthesiologist, they must earn their bachelor’s degree first and then after, complete 4-years of medical school. After the medical school, he or she has to complete a 1 year general internship where he/she will learn know about the proper treatment or diagnosis in other areas, different types of anesthetics and so on. By the time all this is through, it’s now time to have 3 year residency wherein he or she will know about the medical aspects and technology of this profession.

Aside from having anesthesiology training, it is vitally important for them to excel in critical medicine, cardiology, pharmacology, internal medicine and surgery. There are some anesthesiologists who opt to specialize in some areas like neurosurgery and should take additional training to know more about them. An anesthesiologist must not stop improving their skills and knowledge whether they’re generalists or specialists. Since this field of medicine is constantly changing, they have to stay updated with advances in medicine and new technology at the same time. On the other hand, as a basic requirement for these professionals, it is important to familiarize themselves of common anesthetics that’ll be used for patients on certain medical procedure or surgery.

It is no wonder that they’re capable of earning big sum of money with all the education and training under their belt and according to studies, they can actually earn approximately 76,500 to 267,000 dollars annually even with just less than a year of experience.

Considering Phentermine Reviews in Figuring out one of the most Efficient Weight Loss Pill

Nowadays, there have been lots of weight loss pills and goods which are bought from the market – among which is Phentermine (read more at ) – . It is essentially just about the most desired weight-loss products in the market, taking into consideration that it has been able to showcase its effectiveness to a lot of people who wish to lose weight. Understanding Phentermine Phentermine is a medication which is widely used towards attaining weight loss. It truly is made out of specific drugs combined together which produces synthetic hormones which aim to improve your body’s system. With this, you will experience an increase in your body’s metabolic process. Due to this, you are going to lose excess fat. How efficient is this product? There are those who question the capability of Phentermine in losing weight. On the flip side, there are numerous online product reviews regarding Phentermine which in return assist you to shed light whether or not this weight loss product is trustworthy or not. With the aid of Phentermine, you are going to experience a decrease in urge for food as well as an increase in your metabolism that could lead to weight loss. Studies have shown that Phentermine provides a person an opportunity to lose 3-5 pounds per week. What would be the reason for making use of Phentermine? If you’re tired of employing methods that don?t help you at all together with your weight loss goals, maybe it?s time to focus your attention to Phentermine. Many Phentermine reviews state exactly the same reasons why you need to use this product. These are the following reasons: 1. You will have less cravings. This signifies that you’ll be consuming less food and avoid binging on foods that will make you fat. 2. It improves your body’s metabolism, for that reason enabling you to burn calories efficiently whilst giving you enough energy to help keep the day going. 3. It offers you together with fast results. In a single week, you can lose as much as 4 pounds of excess fats. When talking about the cost of Phentermine, don?t get worried as the weight you always wanted will simply set you back $80 per bottle. Fortunately, with the presence of Phentermine reviews, you do not have to hesitate about taking this product into your system. You?ll never have any kind of reason not to have the ideal body you’re aiming for; with Phentermine, everything will work out for you.