How to Make a Memorial Stone a Cooperative Family Event

We wanted a nice artistic design for the tombstone of our grandparents. My grandfather and grandmother passed within hours of each other. It was amazing actually. We wanted a nice black memorial with white engravings and lettering. We found a company that does Jewish gravestones in NJ that can even put their pictures on the stone. We have seen examples, and the work is incredible. They have stones that are much more sculptural than your standard tombstone. We picked one that has a sweeping arc design to it in a glossy black. It is stunning.

The new engraving processes let you get a lot of stuff on the stone to be able to show images, have designs and letters in Hebrew and English and a lot more. Lasers and new tools let you get long passages of text onto the stones that are readable and will weather the elements for a super long time. There is so much that can be done with memorial stones now that you can make the whole family happy. And that is really what it is all about. You do need to keep in mind that the memorial stones, though they honor those that have passed, they are actually there for the living. It helps in the management of grief to plan and design a memorial stone for a relative who has passed and to see it when the grave is visited.

Do not let family requests to mention certain things or have certain design elements in the stone cause any issues. If there is room and someone wants it on there, let it be there. Of course, you want to keep things reasonable. I’m just saying that different things each person fondly remembers about the deceased can be incorporated into a tasteful design element for a memorial headstone, especially now that items can be made very small and still last as long as other stones that have been carved by traditional tools.