Making Better Product Choices for a Healthier Me

When you are sick of chemicals in everything from your food and drink to the so-called hygiene products you use, then it is time to consider things with natural organic ingredients. Synthetic is not always better. It is much cheaper for companies to produce, but when you you cannot understand what the words mean on the ingredients list, does it ever make you a bit nervous? It does me. I found a biodegradable shampoo that is made of natural ingredients. Sure, I can go out to a dollar store and get a bottle of shampoo for a buck. That does not mean that it is good for me or my hair. I decided it is time to take better care of myself.

Did you know that food additives and other chemicals that make their way into the products you use every day are listed by the FDA as GRAS? That means, Generally Recognized As Safe. Generally recognized is scary to me especially when I cannot even tell what the chemicals are. When I see something on the label such as “organic lavender” then I can understand that. I can tell if I am allergic to it as well. The other stuff on the mainstream shampoo labels are things I have no idea if they will hurt me over time or even if I am sensitive to it.

I want to live healthier, feel better and maybe even live a little longer. Why would I want to add to the carcinogen load I am getting just breathing the air nowadays? I have been switching to better products made from things I can understand when I read the label. Plus, they are biodegradable, and that is better for the environment. Why does that matter to me? Well, I am part of this environment. So are you!